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Yamuna Finland is from March 2020 the official distributor of Yamuna products in Europe. The English-language online shop serves both consumers / companies and certified Yamuna Body Rolling practitioners throughout Europe.

Yamuna Online Shop introduces Yamuna Special balls and DVDs related to Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness and Yamuna Face Ball methods. To order products, the customer must register in the store. Prices include Finnish VAT 24%. The shopping cart always shows also the VAT 0% price. Customer can select a suitable shipping method to Europe and see the price of shipping before choosing.

The balls related to Yamuna Body Rolling method are available at the opening of the Yamuna online shop. Already in March, the supply expands and in late April there are all products on sale.

The ball is a ball without proper training. Unless you are a certified YBR practitioner, the purchase of larger ball lots is restricted by the annual house.

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Yamuna has spent years developing the best possible balls to work with anatomy in detail. Yamuna balls are created by following value that are important for Yamuna. Read more